Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Mother's Heart

I'm sure every mother knows this but I'm going to say it anyway. Sometimes you just plain miss your kids when they are far away. You know he's out doing great things, preparing to conquer his world, making you proud of the young man he is becoming, but you just miss him anyway. And then he sends you a picture like this..

right after he tells you how much fun he had being right in the middle of it, and you can't help but smile.  Only 2 more weeks and he'll be home for Thanksgiving break :-)

Great win for Clemson over Florida State yesterday!  Go Tigers!


  1. I know if I had kids, I would feel this way too - probably fairly often... I wish I had some kids to miss (if that makes any sense - LOL!).... I always wonder how my Mom felt when I moved away all those many years ago. She called often, so I guess she did miss me.... I hope......

    Linda in VA

    1. I think I can assure you that if your mom was calling, she was missing you :-) I try to let my son call so he doesn't feel like I'm pestering him, but sometimes I just want to hear his voice!

  2. Yay!!!! What a great picture! We were cheering for the Tigers to.... Rematch in the playoffs?! You've raised such great boys Dianne xoxo