Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 on Tuesday

This week's topic is "10 Things You Wouldn't Want to Live Without" and people don't count.  There are many things that I certainly take for granted, but are there any I wouldn't want to live without?  How about...

1. My car.  I love where I live, but it's not walking distance to anything.  Except the lake :-)

2. My knitting.  There's nothing like the feeling of making something useful with your own hands.

3. My Chuck-It.  I have  a big dog with lots of energy who is ball obsessed.  I throw like a girl, maybe because I am one, but it is a god-send at my house.

4. NH Downloadable.  It's my State Public Library of audiobooks. It's so easy, and free!, to download books to listen to.

5. Ipod touch.  I like being able to take my music or audiobooks anywhere with me, from the laundry room to the back yard, or out and about. 

6. My Ugg Boots.  I just treated myself to a pair of these this winter and I really didn't know what I was missing!  It's like wearing my big fuzzy slippers everywhere :-)

7. My Computer with internet.  It keeps me connected to the world.

8. Chocolate.  It's my favorite treat.

9. My favorite chair.  It's my spot, my place in the house that is mine.  It's where I primarily knit, read, visit with my family, and watch TV.

10. Toothpaste. Good minty toothpaste.  I actually can't do anything in the morning until I brush my teeth.  With my electric toothbrush with the floss action head :-)

I read a couple other 10 on Tuesday entries this morning before I finished my list and one of the participants listed toilet paper.  I laughed out loud, probably because it's true, but I felt like I would be cheating if I put it on my list too.  But yeah, toilet paper too :-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hehe..how true, everyone needs toilet paper! ;) Oh and great, I forgot toothpaste tonite! Walked right by it too! Good list!

  2. fun list! and if I lived in NH instead of Atlanta, my UGGS would've definitely been on mine - I'm fortunate that winter is a relatively short season here! (and I think I would've included toilet paper as a "necessity" - right? or maybe we're just lucky it's like food, water and shelter... now if we had to specify the brand....I can totally say I wouldn't want to live without my charmin ultra!!)