Monday, January 24, 2011

Mystery Monday

Clue 4 was posted Saturday and it was for the foot.  We had a quiet day Sunday so I got to knit most of the afternoon while we watched football.  Let me apologize for the craptastic pictures, but it is 5 degrees this afternoon and feels like -9 deg with the windchill.  I wimped out and decided to go with indoor pictures today!

Like the heel last week, the cables wound back out to the side of the foot which made the foot a mirror image of the leg.  Very clever and I love it!
A little close up of the foot, and........
the sock from the side on the blocker.  I like this view because you can really see how the design on the heel flap and the top of the foot work so nicely together.

The final clue will be posted on Saturday! I'm hoping to start the second sock this week.  But then again,  I'm so close to having the first sock finished that I may just wait and start the second sock then.  That way I'll be pulling the yarn form the same direction off the ball.  I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not in the appearance of the finished project.  Do you know?

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