Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in Review & 2011

It's the second week of January already and I realized I hadn't looked back at all the projects I finished in 2010! I put together a quick collage of some of my FO's, but here is a list.....

12 Pairs of socks
4 baby sweaters, all were gifted
2 shawls, both were gifted
16 hats, 15 were gifted including 8 for Chandler's hockey team and 2 of their little sisters

I've been thinking about knitting goals for 2011 and can't decide whether I want to set some or just "go with the flow" this year. When I start to think about what I WANT to do, the list gets overwhelming pretty quickly. I think I should call it my Wish List instead of my goal list. So what's on that list??

1. Knit all the Rockin Sock Club kits. Each one comes with 2 patterns, so this is 6-12 pairs of socks.
2. Knit all the Cookie A Sock Club kits. Again, each one will comewith 2 patterns, so 6-12 pairs of socks. Plus bake all the cookie recipes :-)
3. Participate with the Knit.Sock. Love. KAL group on Ravelry, which will be 1 pattern a month, for another 12 pairs of socks.
4. Mittens for me.
5. Hat for me.
6. Finish my February Lady Sweater, which only has 1 sleeve left.
7. Knit all the sweaters in the Sweater for All Seasons Club. The 2nd pattern will be released next week and I haven't cast on the first one yet! So 4 sweaters....
8. Knit Dark & Stormy, because I just love it and really want one myself.
9. Finish up some of my UFO's
10. Anything else that strikes my fancy, and I know several will!

Quick tally of my 2011 Wish List is 36+ pairs of socks, 6+ sweaters, a hat, a pair of mittens, and anything else that stikes my fancy.  I know my list is a little over the top, but what the heck.  As long as I enjoy what I'm doing, does it really matter?  I can't wait to see what my collage looks like at the end of 2011
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